I enjoy designing games focused on narratives, character drama, and immersing the senses. I love weird fantasy, non-human characters, and games with strong discursive motifs or metaphor. My current works include:

Girl Underground with Jesse Ross—A game about a curious girl's self-discovery on a fantastical journey through a magical land, inspired by the tales of Alice and Oz.

In a New Light (Codex: Light, pending release) with Kyle Thompson—A world-building and exploration duet game that blends solarpunk and weird fiction set in the near future. A new colour spectrum manifests and begins to alter all aspects of existence.

Strange Birds (Beta) with Kyle Thompson—A duet game exploring the everyday lives of strange birds through a documentary narrative.

Final Girl: A Game of Love (in Codex: Love 2)—Play out a subversive, queer version of the Bachelor/ette/them using the Final Girl framework. Will your OTP survive?

Hot Guys Making Out: Sherlock Holmes (in Codex: Lies)—Be gay. Solve crimes. Play detectives exploring a budding romance whilst also taking down London's most notorious criminals. 

Monsterhearts: Ballhir (Codex: Cold)—A small town setting for Monsterhearts 2 based in County Mayo, Ireland. Embrace the local folklore that is anything but myth. Navigate the age-old grudges and battles for power. 

Gnarly Society—An in-progress 80s/90s high school movie drama hack of Good Society by the Storybrewers.