Can't quite get your game rules in order? Worried people will get lost in the jargon? I can advise on overall document structure, paragraph structure, and sentence structure to increase clarity and flow. I'll work with you to establish what sort of stylistic feedback you would like, so these services are tailored to your needs and your game text.


If you're just looking for someone to screen your document for proofing errors, look no further. I'm proficient in US and UK grammar and spelling. Proofing services also include attention to internal stylistic consistency within your game text—things like capitalisation, terminology, lists, punctuation, and more.


I have over 3 years of practical experience critiquing gender in the media, and a lifetime living as a queer person. I analyse tropes and social discourse around gender, femininity, queer narratives, sexual violence, and consent in tabletop rpgs. I can work with you during the design phase or review complete documents.


I can work with you on a regular one-on-one basis reviewing your work with detailed feedback to improve your writing style. We will establish a coaching style that works for you (written feedback, verbal feedback, guided tutorials and exercises, or whatever is good for your learning style)—whether it's to improve general writing skills, writing tabletop game texts, or another writing skill you'd like to develop.